Research & Advice

Sound & independent research

Blonk Consultants helps companies, governments and civil society organisations put sustainability into practice. Our main focus is the agri-food sector. We provide clear, specific advice on how to achieve sustainable solutions. This advice is based on sound and independent research. We work according to the latest internationally recognised guidelines and methods, drawing on state-of-the-art knowledge. Our integrated approach involves the complete supply chain, from production, transport and processing to packaging, consumption and, ultimately, waste disposal.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you work for a business, government or a non-profit organisation, the approach we take will suit the needs of you and your organisation. This means we always provide tailored research and advice.

Sustainability starts with understanding the facts

Some examples of Research & Advice

Life Cycle Assessments & Carbon Footprinting

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting will give you insights into the environmental performance of a product and allow you to compare the environmental performance of different products. This includes information on CO2 emissions and resource and land use, and identification of the ‘hotspots’.
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Sustainability Performance

What is the environmental performance of your products, services and production chains? We can help you measure and report your sustainability performance. View an example

Materiality assessment

Which sustainability issues are relevant for your organization? With help of a materiality assessment we search for the topics which are important. In this process we consult your stakeholders and look at developments in society. The result is a materiality matrix, which gives an overview of the most relevant sustainability topics. This can be used in for instance your sustainability reporting.

Sustainability Standards

Standards provide clarity and consistency. We can help you standardise how the environmental impacts of your products are calculated or labelled, and find out how your products perform against specific standards. View an example

Innovation scan

Do you have a sustainability idea or innovation and are curious about the possible improvements? An innovation scan will give you insights and answers. View an example

Sustainable product portfolio

How can you ensure your products fit into the guidelines for sustainable diets? An essential first step is understanding the balance between the environmental performance and nutritional value of your products. We can evaluate your product portfolio and assess the environmental impact and nutritional value of your products. View an example

Sustainability report

A sustainability report gives an overview of the performance of your company related to sustainability. In order to set up a high-quality report data is needed. We can prepare the data for your sustainability report and various external benchmarks and help improve existing data management. We specialise in the complex parts of environmental reporting, for example determination of relevant ‘Scope 3 emissions’. Read more