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Let’s meet @ LCA Food 2018

This year, LCA Food 2018 will be being held in Bangkok, Thailand. Bart Durlinger and Jasper Scholten of Blonk Consultants will be there from 16 to 21 October and look forward to […]
Fruit & vegetables

Eating more sustainably: fruits and vegetables at the supermarket

For the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond) Blonk Consultants investigated the sustainability of fruit and vegetables for sale in Dutch supermarkets.

Agri-footprint 4.0 now available in openLCA

Earlier this year we released Agri-footprint 4.0. This update includes USDA LCA Commons crop production data and some bug fixes. The latest version of Agri-footprint is now also available for the openLCA […]

Opportunities of the Protein Transition for Flanders

Flanders aims to be the European leader in food. The growing interest and demand for ‘alternative’ proteins to replace meat (driven by various social trends) provides many potential economic opportunities for Flemish […]
Sneak preview Optimeal

Sneak preview: First impressions of the Optimeal update

We have already announced that Optimeal is undergoing a substantial update. At the moment we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you the updated program. In the meantime we are […]

Beer PEFCR approved by the European Commission

Earlier we announced that the Feed PEFCR (the first PEFCR) has been approved by the European Commission. On 20 April this year the Beer PEFCR was also given the green light, following […]
Milieu-footprint methodiek tuinbouw

Environmental footprint methodology for horticulture

The demand for sustainably produced horticultural products is increasing. Consequently there is also a growing market for calculating the environmental footprints of horticultural products. While consumers and retailers want to know more […]
Environmental impact of food products and their macronutrients composition

Environmental impact of food products and their macronutrients composition

In April Nicolò Braconi started his internship at Blonk Consultants. He is with us to do an interesting internship research project on environmental impact of foods and their macronutrient composition. First, we […]

May we present… our new colleagues

In the past few months Janjoris van Diepen and Riki Hissink have joined Blonk Consultants, Janjoris as a senior consultant and Riki Hissink as a software developer. Masters student Nicolò Braconi is […]
Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

Improve agricultural data quality: multi cropping in Agri-footprint

Recently, Hans Blonk visited Brazil for a Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) stakeholder meeting. Improving the data on multi cropping will be one of the main topics of the upcoming GFLI data […]
Wheat Agri-footprint

Behind the scenes – Seed application and seed production in Agri-footprint

We believe that transparency is essential in the development of sustainable agri-food chains, which is why we are more than happy to give you an impression of how we work ‘behind the […]

Taking Optimeal to the next level

Since its development in 2013, Optimeal has given us the tools to meet these challenges by optimising diets to make them healthy AND sustainable. It is now time to re-evaluate Optimeal.

Release Agri-footprint 4.0

The Agri-footprint LCA database for agri-food processes and products is under continuous development. Since its release in 2014 the database has been expanded by adding high quality data, making Agri-footprint an increasingly […]
Feed PEFCR first to be approved by the European Commission

Feed PEFCR first to be approved by the European Commission

We are happy and very proud to announce that the PEFCR ‘Feed for Food Producing Animals’ was approved by a large majority at the Environmental Footprint Steering Group meeting in Brussels on […]
freija van holsteijn

New colleague: Freija van Holsteijn

Freija van Holsteijn joined the Blonk Consultants team on 1 February this year as a junior consultant. We are delighted to present Freija to you in her own words.

Understanding Avebe’s environmental product performance

Avebe is a cooperative of starch-potato growers focusing on extracting starch and proteins from potatoes. These ingredients are used by Avebe’s customers in food products and animal feed or in industrial applications. […]